Concept about charity

In Al, Quran Allah says about charity/Dan:

9. O, believers! Do not let your prestige, riches, and children make you forget or forget in

remembrance of Allah. If you are unworthy, you will be losers. 10. Spend time for the rest of the time that I gave you the provision for you, so that it may not be said at the time of death, “O my Lord! Give me some time, I give charity to the righteous. ‘ 11. But when death comes to an appointed time, Allah does not give any respite,. Allah knows best what you do. ( Sura Munafikoon, verse, 9-11).

To listen sura Munafikoon with Bangla meaning click the link below:

(Sura Munafikoon)

So start your day by Dan/charity wallpaper_5

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